MLB All-Star Game

I had a chance to attend my second MLB All-Star game this year, which was held in beautiful sunny Anaheim Ca. I love SoCal, by the way.

Lifestyle is” time and money”, and good friends to share it with. Since weve been blessed with both, I decided to attend this years game, and went with good friends Toby Ayers, Gary Newell and we were hosted exceptionally well by Anaheim local, Rod ” One Punch” Collins.

Our trip included beautiful beaches, great food( that will be a recuring theme in all my posts), the Home Run Derby, and the All Star Game. Here are 26 images out of 2000 plus taken over the 3 day trip.


Our seats for the HomeRun Derby were front row, end of first base dugout. For the All-Star game itself, we were 3rd row, just to the right of the first base on deck circle. Truly, some of the very best seats in Angels Stadium.


Toby (baseball clueless), L-Dub( Lifestyle Expert), Rod”One Punch”(baseball expert), Gary”Hollywood”( Everything Expert)


You can`t go to the game in regular clothes. Gary and I picked up a couple ASG items! I think his ASG pajamas were a little over the top?? This is his load, I couldnt hold mine!


Home Run Derby baby! Toby caught on quick, he “garbed up” also.


Front Row !!!!!



The opening ceremonies were Excellent. Colorful, beautiful. Toby enjoyed the band “Train” more than the game??? Rookie….


This is our view from the 3rd row.


3 very young budding Superstars, the future of the game.


Here’s a shot taken from the second level.


Future Hall Of Famer Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees.


Future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals.


Future Hall Of Famer Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins.


Future Hall Of Famer Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies



Sold out Anaheim Stadium


After the game, its time for Tommy’s. This is a tiny little burger place in LA that has some incredible burgers.



We also hit the beaches. Rod took us to Laguna, and Huntingon Beach.


One of the most famous beaches in the world. Its easy to see why its so popular.


What a view.


Which one of these beach houses do you want? Its yours for a cool 7 to 10 Mill, or more….




We stayed at the MLB host hotel where all the players and VIP’s stayed. There were players and media people every where. Here is Bob Costas, one of the top sports broadcasters of our era. He was very nice to all of us.


Here is the MLB World Series Trophy. This is what the players play for. What are you “Playing For”? There will be another ASG next year, who’s going?

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2 Responses to MLB All-Star Game

  1. David Taylor says:

    I’m going.

  2. Brandon Pike says:

    Thanks for posting this L-Dub! I love these photos. It is so cool to see my Diamond Upline Gary Newell hanging out with you and the newest diamonds at the ASG!

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