Video: Baja

Just back from San Diego, Ca. Went out there with a bunch of friends and business partners, all who were top Achievers in their business.
A few of us headed out into the high desert for some 4 wheeling, dirt bike riding. Beautiful wide open country. Perfect weather. My riding partners were
Toby Ayers, Tom Miller, Edmund St. John, Kelly Brimmer and Bill Faudel. Although some of the guys were off road challenged, we had an absolute blast. Faudel was our “Guide” and he was following a hand drawn map, made with a crayon! Do you have any idea how lost we got? But, he did lead us to the 2010 Baja 1000 Trophy truck champ testing his new 2011 ride. It’s a 850 HP Trophy Truck that goes 120 mph in the desert for 1000 miles thru Mexico. (Check out how close up and personal Toby got to the truck! But, he got the shot with his trusty Iphone!)

Click HERE to see a quick video of our day in the Desert. Enjoy, LDub

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