Do-Over Ballpark #17

The quest to experience all 30 MLB Ballparks isn’t as easy as you might think. Even with Time and Money, there’s more to it than that. Like, old parks going away, and new ones opening. This happened with Yankee Stadium, Shea, and now the Metrodome and Target. The Twins played at the Metrodome last year, and was #17 for me. Well, the Twins don’t play there anymore, they have a brand new home, Target Field. So, I had another Do Over. Straight from this year’s All Star game, I flew to Minneapolis to check out the Majors newest park. I actually enjoyed the Metrodome, but we did have the best seats in the building, front row, Twins on deck circle. However, the new place is so very nice. I attended two game at Target Field. Thur night we sat front row 1st base side, just past the edge of the infield. The next night we sat front row, club level directly behind the Twins dugout. The beautiful skyline was to our right, so I recommend if you go, sit on the first base side. Then the city skyline will be directly in front of you. Overall, this is a great ballpark. Oh yea, I went to the park in July, and the weather was excellent, both nights. The weather always improves the experience. Might not be qite as nice in October for the playoffs?

The Metrodome was my 17th ballpark visited. Loved it. Front row, right at Twins on deck circle.

My crew in MinnesOta. Nice shirt Ross !

Matt could start at first base for Morneau …

You gotta bring your glove when you sit this close!

Twins moved to brand new Target Field. First class. Beautiful, right in downtown.

Game one, Mark, Me, Matt, in Minneapolis Minnesota. Lots of M`s….

Do-Over #17, entering another new park.

The beautiful downtown skyline from the first base foul line.

Dusk, a beautiful time at any park.

Jim Thome, 580 HR`s and counting.

Joe Mauer, second game he went 3-5 with 3 doubles and 5 rbi. Not bad.

As Bob Ucker would say ” Front Row “.

As seen on Diners Drive Ins and Dives, one of the best burgers you can ever experience. The cheese is in the middle of the burger. Nothing like Cheesey goodness.

Another great ballpark tour experience, culminated by a great food experience, with great friends. LW, Blessed and Living the Dream

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2 Responses to Do-Over Ballpark #17

  1. Joshua says:

    What ballparks are left?

  2. L-Dub says:

    Josh, scroll down to the Welcome title, my first posted blog for a list of parks I still need to hit. Thanks for the support, LW

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