Pebble Beach Golf Course Part 1

I am not much of a golfer. If its perfect weather, a great course, im in. I’ll play 9, maybe 12 holes, and im good to go. However, on a course like this its much Different! I love playing World Class, World Famous courses, the same ones we all watch the pros play on TV. Courses like this are inspiring. I will tell you, hitting off the famous 17th tee box here, knowing the history it holds in PGA tournament play is awesome! For me, it would be like standing in the batters box at historic Fenway Park in Boston, but thats not a possible, and this was. Walking down the 18th fairway, side by side with two of my best friends is a memory ill never forget. Standing on the green, with a Caddy, and my friends Joe and Greg, is what makes a great life. For all of you who Love golf, you play any course you can, anytime you can, you Must experience this course, as well as SpyGlass and the Links at Spanish Bay. Until then, I hope you enjoy these images and words. LW


Walking thru the gate, 7 am, preparing for our 8am tee time.


How many times have you seen this clock while watching on TV. Its better in person.


Real golf. My caddy Dean, the official PB starter, and my golf partner Greg.


Joe, LW, Greg, teeing off on the 6th hole.





Joe with one of his Patened Bombs!



Joe, with a 5 iron to the green. Greg captures it for Joe on Joes camera.



This golf course is all you expect it to be, and more!


Greg, watching Joe sink a 3 footer, side entrance.


Joe, overlooking the famous 7th hole with his Caddy Casey.

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