Big Boy Toys


While in Orlando for a business seminar recently, I took some time to go Dream Build with some of my friends. This is one of the all time coolest places ive ever been to. Its called “Muscle Cars and Handlebars” and it is as close to Heaven a Gearhead can get. What better combination can there be?


Here is one of their projects. A 1969 Road Runner. Yes, it has the Big motor. Yes they hopped it up. Yes it is putting out over 700 HP. Yes its faster than you want to go!


Pure American Muscle, in perfect condition !


This Plymouth Challenger is only  $250,000  New it was 3,900.00


Ah Yes, the Handlebars part. The 2 guys between Campbell and Toby are 2 of the very best metal fabricators and painters in the World. these guys can restore, or create Anything you can find or dream up. They are Artists that work in a shop.


Camero anyone? With a Big Block 427?



Yep, its the famous Holly 4 Barrel. Gas guzziling at its fines! This is the polar oposit of a Prius.


Vintage is cool, but New is Awesome. Here is the Ferrari 458, arguably the best sports car the public can buy. A true Supercar.


Stephen, 23, taliking about Driving one of these by the age of 26, how cool is that?


This baby is only $280,000 and its not even packed with all the options you can get.


Here is longtime friend and business partner Herb Eply.


Stephen, Herb, Campbell with the Ferrari California Spyder ( convertible )


All this Dream Building made us Very hungry. So we went to one of my top 5 Steak Houses anywhere, Charley`s in Orlando. Gary, Toby and Roger with wives had an awesome dining experience.


After we toured Tobys new digs, we went to see Gary and Nancy`s Estate. What a way to live. What a Life, LW Livin the Dream

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