I’ve been blessed with a business model that provides a tremendous amount of time and money and traveling opportunities. Combined with my love of sports, this allows me to attend some of the best sporting events in America. Not only do we get to go, but we get to go first-class and in style. Not only do I get to go first class and in style, but I get to go with my family, many close friends and business associates. One of my other passions is photography and I love sharing my images with other people. That’s why I created this blog…to share some of these experiences and images with you.


3 Responses to About

  1. Maurice Butler says:

    Thanks Larry and staff for sharing your life to help build my dream and for giving me another tool to use to build others dreams. I’m looking forward to earning the right to be included on these trips with you so I do can raise others belief.
    LTD 100k

  2. Colin. says:

    Beautiful! Love the picture with Heyward, Votto, and McCann and Jeter’s swing @ the ASG. Can’t wait to see pics of the players warming up and BP. NYY back-to-back world champs 🙂

  3. garian earl says:

    ldub you rock my name is garian earl

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