Ballpark #21, Miller Park Brewers

21 down, 9 to go. Here are some shots from my 21st ballpark stop, Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. I caught 2 games with some good friends. a Friday night game with 3 good friends, and a Sunday afternoon game. Friday night we sat Front row, 3rd base right behind the dugout. Sunday I was with 20 friends in a suite, first base side. As for the ballpark, all I can say is WOW. Absolutely awesome. A work of architectural art. The retractable roof is huge, and not your standard opening roof. This one is fan shaped. The other thing that makes this so nice is the 2 huge windows that run along the first and third base foul lines. The light that enters thru these windows gives the park a special light and look. The large centerfield scoreboard is very informative, and there isn’t a lot of advertising in the outfield to distract you. The concourse is wide and well laid out. There were no lines, but there weren’t many people there either. I’m used to sold out Phillies games, this was like a minor league crowd. The other thing that made this a nice place was the people were very nice. No Seat Nazis ! We saw 2 great games, if you can have a great game between the Brewers and Pirates, but the Brewers won both, and there were lots of hits, home runs and great plays. Friday night’s game produced the ESPN top Web Gem. Excellent. Sunday Ryan Braun hit a line drive round tripper, and hit the Pirates pitcher with a line drive in the solar plex and dropped him like a prize fighter. I had a great time at both games, and really like this ballpark. It is in my top 5 so far. I’ll try to rank them after I’ve seen all 30.

Here are some images from the Nikon D700, enjoy

This is a Big, impressive facility.

The weather was perfect, so the roof was open. Early evening light was beautiful. We got here early for Batting Practice. Its my favorite part of any game.

The windows let so much light in. The shadows and lighting is unlike any other park i`ve been to.

Friday`s game we sat front row, directly behind the dugout. Right here…

21 visited, 9 more to see. This one is special.

The best part of seeing all these facilities is enjoying them with good friends. Nate, Mark, L-Dub.

Me and Mark, Bill and Nate caught Friday night game.

How cool is this? This was my first domed stadium with a retractable roof. The engineering is extremely impressive.

Deep right field. what a view. We didn`t sit much, or see much of the game. We had more fun exploring and seeing all the different views.

Nate, representing with his” Live the Dream” tee.

Bill, enjoying another ballpark with L-Dub. Last one was #20, Oakland A`s.

What a spectaluar evening.

Sunday game, we were in a suite. Derek and Mark, Club Level is Sweeet.

Im at work !!!!

This is the view from our suite.

Bill, center field camera stand.

Friday, we entered the park early thru TGI Fridays, sat front row, watched batting practice. Nice set up. we had to be careful during BP, as Braun was pelting us with HR`s.

This is the Sunday crew. To many to name. All on the Francis business team, except Brandon and Eric, and they might as well be!

Brandon and Eric. You should see what I photoshopped off Brandons shirt!  Hint, hes from Kentucky…

The boys came out for a photo after all the Food was gone in the suite.

Oh yea, the Brewers were playing the Pirates, playing them like a fiddle! Won all 3 games this series.

The light coming in thru the windows created beautiful shadows.

We saw Future Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman save # 599 in his illustrious carrer.

This is a really nice ballfield. First class all the way. I, we all, had a great time. 9 more to go…

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Do-Over Ballpark #17

The quest to experience all 30 MLB Ballparks isn’t as easy as you might think. Even with Time and Money, there’s more to it than that. Like, old parks going away, and new ones opening. This happened with Yankee Stadium, Shea, and now the Metrodome and Target. The Twins played at the Metrodome last year, and was #17 for me. Well, the Twins don’t play there anymore, they have a brand new home, Target Field. So, I had another Do Over. Straight from this year’s All Star game, I flew to Minneapolis to check out the Majors newest park. I actually enjoyed the Metrodome, but we did have the best seats in the building, front row, Twins on deck circle. However, the new place is so very nice. I attended two game at Target Field. Thur night we sat front row 1st base side, just past the edge of the infield. The next night we sat front row, club level directly behind the Twins dugout. The beautiful skyline was to our right, so I recommend if you go, sit on the first base side. Then the city skyline will be directly in front of you. Overall, this is a great ballpark. Oh yea, I went to the park in July, and the weather was excellent, both nights. The weather always improves the experience. Might not be qite as nice in October for the playoffs?

The Metrodome was my 17th ballpark visited. Loved it. Front row, right at Twins on deck circle.

My crew in MinnesOta. Nice shirt Ross !

Matt could start at first base for Morneau …

You gotta bring your glove when you sit this close!

Twins moved to brand new Target Field. First class. Beautiful, right in downtown.

Game one, Mark, Me, Matt, in Minneapolis Minnesota. Lots of M`s….

Do-Over #17, entering another new park.

The beautiful downtown skyline from the first base foul line.

Dusk, a beautiful time at any park.

Jim Thome, 580 HR`s and counting.

Joe Mauer, second game he went 3-5 with 3 doubles and 5 rbi. Not bad.

As Bob Ucker would say ” Front Row “.

As seen on Diners Drive Ins and Dives, one of the best burgers you can ever experience. The cheese is in the middle of the burger. Nothing like Cheesey goodness.

Another great ballpark tour experience, culminated by a great food experience, with great friends. LW, Blessed and Living the Dream

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MLB All-Star Game

I had a chance to attend my second MLB All-Star game this year, which was held in beautiful sunny Anaheim Ca. I love SoCal, by the way.

Lifestyle is” time and money”, and good friends to share it with. Since weve been blessed with both, I decided to attend this years game, and went with good friends Toby Ayers, Gary Newell and we were hosted exceptionally well by Anaheim local, Rod ” One Punch” Collins.

Our trip included beautiful beaches, great food( that will be a recuring theme in all my posts), the Home Run Derby, and the All Star Game. Here are 26 images out of 2000 plus taken over the 3 day trip.


Our seats for the HomeRun Derby were front row, end of first base dugout. For the All-Star game itself, we were 3rd row, just to the right of the first base on deck circle. Truly, some of the very best seats in Angels Stadium.


Toby (baseball clueless), L-Dub( Lifestyle Expert), Rod”One Punch”(baseball expert), Gary”Hollywood”( Everything Expert)


You can`t go to the game in regular clothes. Gary and I picked up a couple ASG items! I think his ASG pajamas were a little over the top?? This is his load, I couldnt hold mine!


Home Run Derby baby! Toby caught on quick, he “garbed up” also.


Front Row !!!!!



The opening ceremonies were Excellent. Colorful, beautiful. Toby enjoyed the band “Train” more than the game??? Rookie….


This is our view from the 3rd row.


3 very young budding Superstars, the future of the game.


Here’s a shot taken from the second level.


Future Hall Of Famer Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees.


Future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals.


Future Hall Of Famer Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins.


Future Hall Of Famer Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies



Sold out Anaheim Stadium


After the game, its time for Tommy’s. This is a tiny little burger place in LA that has some incredible burgers.



We also hit the beaches. Rod took us to Laguna, and Huntingon Beach.


One of the most famous beaches in the world. Its easy to see why its so popular.


What a view.


Which one of these beach houses do you want? Its yours for a cool 7 to 10 Mill, or more….




We stayed at the MLB host hotel where all the players and VIP’s stayed. There were players and media people every where. Here is Bob Costas, one of the top sports broadcasters of our era. He was very nice to all of us.


Here is the MLB World Series Trophy. This is what the players play for. What are you “Playing For”? There will be another ASG next year, who’s going?

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Phillies Game- Diamond Style

On my other blog I wrote about the historical side of our recent trip to DC/Philly. Now here is the “fun” side.

The San Francisco Giants were in town. We had tickets for the Tue. and Wed. games. I treated Jody to some of the best seats in the house, exclusive Diamond Dugout section, front row. My crew consisted of Stephen, Johnny D and Jody. We were blessed with incredibly nice weather and two great games(the Phillies won both). As good as the games were, our food experience might have been better- with a visit to Ralph’s, the oldest Italian restaurant in the US, and Donkey’s in Camden, NJ.


Early to the park in time for BP. I love BP !


Me, Stephen and Jody


Any closer and we would have needed a uniform.


Decent seats.


Jimmy Rollins


You know who!


These really were great games. Lots of homers and action.


Dominic Brown goes Deeeep! Second Deck in right field.


The unknown Fan ?




Front row, directly next to dugout, unlimited food, with 9-inning waiter service, all included in the ticket price.


This is Ralph’s. The oldest Italian restaurant in the US.  Same Family, same recipes, same building for 110 YEARS !




This is Donkey’s. Camden NJ. Ive been eating here for my whole life, 50 plus years. This took Jody way out of his comfort zone. I loved it…


The neighborhood is a little sketchy ( dangerous ). Yes, that is one of the bullet holes in the window.


But, the food is well worth the risk. This is The Best cheesesteak in the world. Period. save your breath. Donkey’s Rules……


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Welcome to my sports blog. After much debate and encouragement ( pressure ) from many of my friends, I will now share my sports travels, experiences and photos with the cyber world. I have been going to many of the top sport events for roughly 25 years. I am an amateur photographer, and have been emailing my photos out to many friends, who forward them on to their friends. Well, I will now post them and write a brief description when needed. Hopefully this will save everyone some time and trouble? I love all sports, both college and pros. I also love all forms of Racing; NASCAR, F1, Motocross, and attend many of these events. I hope you enjoy my pics and words.

I am currently working on attending all 30 MLB ballparks. With 20 stadiums visited, just 10 are left, and I will be hitting 3 more before the end of the season. My goal is to finish all 30 by end of 2011. Whenever I tell someone about my ballpark goal, they all seem to want to know the same things? Which ones have you been to, haven’t been to? Which one is next? And, what’s your favorite. Well, here is the easy answer to one question. The parks I’ve been to are(the last 6 are in correct order of attendance):

1-Turner / Atlanta Braves

2-Tropicana / Tampa Rays

3-Wrigley / Chicago Cubs

4-Great American / Cincinnati Reds

5-Progressive / Cleveland Indians

6-Comerica / Detroit Tigers

7-US Cellular / Chicago White Sox

8-Oriole Park at Camden Yards/ Baltimore Orioles

9-Arlington / Texas Rangers

10-Fenway / Boston Red Sox

11-Anaheim / Angels

12-National / Wash Nationals

13-Kauffman / KC Royals

14-Citizens Bank / Philadelphia Phillies

15-Citi / NY Mets

16-Yankee / NY Yankees

17-Target / Minn Twins

18-Busch / St. Louis Cardinals

19-Dodger / LA Dodgers

20-Oakland / Oakland A`s

Next parks are Miller / Brewers,  PNC / Pirates.

Here are a few images from 16 of the 20 parks I have visited so far:



-Baltimore Orioles









-Old Yankee Stadium


-Opening Day, New Yankee Stadium




-#17 Metrodome, Minnesota Twins


-#17 Redo- New Target Field




20 down, 10 more to go! Next stop is Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewers.


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