All Access with Coach K

One of the best opportunities I`ve been blessed with the last few years is getting to attend a closed, private practice session with Legendary Coach K. By supporting Dukes Childrens Hospital, Pam and I are invited to attend a closed practice every October, hosted by Karen McClure and Coach K`s daughter Debbie. Well, Pam loves the work Duke Childrens Hospital does, and Coach K, but she gladly gives up her invitation to let someone else attend this very rare and unique opportunity. This is total access to the Duke basketball program, and the incredable Duke facilities, giving us access to many things only the players themselves ever see. Wel, L-Dub Style now gives you a all access tour. Enjoy, L-Dub

Greg, Jake, LW, SW, Toby

Coach K only opens his practice to non players once a season. This was my 6th session. Now you get in to see it…

How cool is this? The Duke locker room.

Andrew, on hallowed ground !

Talk about all access. The players lounge, and the 08-09 ACC Championship trophy.

Standards. This is what seperate teams from programs.

Without a doubt one of the coolest parts of the tour. This is what Duke is Always known for, Defense. This is the Defense room, the last place the players go before they hit the court. Here, Debbie explaines the tradition.

Greg in the media room. This is where the team watches tape, videos and motivational messages Coach K has made for the team. We saw,” This is our House”, it was insane!

Coach K taking questions and talking about leadership. Thats Stephen and the Etheridge boys on the front row.

Coach K and WoJo talking to the team about their blue white scrimmage.

The Crew: Shawn, Stephen, Ricky, Chris, Greg, Aaron, Andrew, Danny, LW, David. Jake is stalking WoJo.

WoJo coaches the white team. He is somewhat Intense. Just like he played.

These guys are Pretty good!!!

This is the Team that won the NCAA Title this year. Minus Curry, who was Red-Shirted. Duke will be even better this year than last. Curry will dominate.

This is everyone at the private practice. My crew was 1/3 of the people. It dosent get much more intimate than this. Thats Stephen on the Left of Coach, Ricky on the Right.

This is called Quality Time. Up close and personal.

Greg holds the Duke Rock.

Ricky, with a few of Dukes championship banners. Ricky appreciates excellence, and theres plenty of it here.

I love sharing my life with my friends, blessing them with cool opportunities like this. Andrew and Danny with Coach.

Jake Loves basketball, and Coach K.

After practice, we have dinner with Coach and he talks and answers questions, all in the shadows of the Championship banners.

This is absoutley one of the top events of my year. I love sharing it with my kids and friends. And now with you. This years event is in 3 weeks ! Pam and I were at the Championship game, so this will be the best private practice ever.

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6 Responses to All Access with Coach K

  1. Andy & Jody Brennan says:

    Awesome! Thx for sharing and building our dream by sharing your experiences. It really makes a difference to see what we can do as well by being consistent n not giving up!

  2. Brandon Pike says:

    Larry, thank you so much for providing these photos and all of the twitter updates. We appreciate you always keeping the dream in front of us. BTW, that video from your Brighton Rd house was awesome! I look forward to more twitvids in the future!

  3. Steve & Megan Hill says:

    LW you truely define Lifestyle, thanks so much for sharing with everyone.

  4. Matthew Kelly says:

    Larry, thanks so much for sharing the pictures! Being a photographer, I love to see your pictures. I know you’ve had a passion for photography for years. I’ve been inspired by hearing you talk about this event before but now we get to see it. I ran into you at my first Duke game last January and spent an hour takin pics of you, Jake, Danny, and Mike. Thanks for the photog lesson that day! Thanks again for sharing your life and lifestyle with us to help us realize what we are all capable of.

  5. Jud Ayers says:

    LTDTeam this picture speak volumes of what a dream can do and how it can change a generation. Leadership Team Developement has the best associations.

  6. Jack Tu says:

    Hey Larry! Thanks for taking the time to share the dream!! I have to agree what a first class place!

    Take care

    Jack Tu

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