PNC Park, #22, Pirates

I don`t think i`ll be able to write words to describe these photos. Wow dosent do it justice. What a view, skyline?

#22 along the way to 30, but maybe #1 ? This is a spectacular ballpark. they dropped it right into Downtown Pittsburgh.

A thunderstorm rolled thru about a hour before the game. Once it cleared out, it left a postcard quality sky.

My ballpark guests for this trip were Son in Law Matt, and friends and business partners Blake and Chelesa.

Its difficult to watch the game with the scenery so spectacular. And, its the Pirates and Nationals playing, so…

This view almost looks fake?

The skys darkened up, but night fell, so it didnt matter much. We already got to see the beautiful sky.

Blake and Chelesa.

This is me asking Matt which team is better, Pirates or the Orioles? Yes, very funny…

Ok, there are many facets to a great ballpark experience. The food is one of them. Well, this food was a good as the view.

I love New Ballparks !

The Bridge in centerfield is just outside the wall.

If you ever get near this park, you must check it out.

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3 Responses to PNC Park, #22, Pirates

  1. Cathy Smith says:

    Larry, What a beautiful ball park. The skyline is awesome and looks like they built the city around the park instead of the other way around. Someone did a remarkable job.
    Thanks for sharing all these amazing stadiums with us.

  2. Andy Fowler says:

    Hey Larry, glad to see ya finally made it to PNC. I wish Da Burgh would have had a better team for you to see, but at least we’ve got some exciting young players. I hope you enjoyed the game, I’m a Bucco’s fan for life (don’t feel sorry) and I look forward to catching a game with you soon!

  3. Greg McCarron says:

    Great park! I live in Kansas City, but I grew up around Pittsburgh sports fans, so I am a fan of the Pittsburgh teams as well. I actually attended a game in the inaugural season in 2001. Needless to say, I didn’t attend like you did! 🙂

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