Welcome to my sports blog. After much debate and encouragement ( pressure ) from many of my friends, I will now share my sports travels, experiences and photos with the cyber world. I have been going to many of the top sport events for roughly 25 years. I am an amateur photographer, and have been emailing my photos out to many friends, who forward them on to their friends. Well, I will now post them and write a brief description when needed. Hopefully this will save everyone some time and trouble? I love all sports, both college and pros. I also love all forms of Racing; NASCAR, F1, Motocross, and attend many of these events. I hope you enjoy my pics and words.

I am currently working on attending all 30 MLB ballparks. With 20 stadiums visited, just 10 are left, and I will be hitting 3 more before the end of the season. My goal is to finish all 30 by end of 2011. Whenever I tell someone about my ballpark goal, they all seem to want to know the same things? Which ones have you been to, haven’t been to? Which one is next? And, what’s your favorite. Well, here is the easy answer to one question. The parks I’ve been to are(the last 6 are in correct order of attendance):

1-Turner / Atlanta Braves

2-Tropicana / Tampa Rays

3-Wrigley / Chicago Cubs

4-Great American / Cincinnati Reds

5-Progressive / Cleveland Indians

6-Comerica / Detroit Tigers

7-US Cellular / Chicago White Sox

8-Oriole Park at Camden Yards/ Baltimore Orioles

9-Arlington / Texas Rangers

10-Fenway / Boston Red Sox

11-Anaheim / Angels

12-National / Wash Nationals

13-Kauffman / KC Royals

14-Citizens Bank / Philadelphia Phillies

15-Citi / NY Mets

16-Yankee / NY Yankees

17-Target / Minn Twins

18-Busch / St. Louis Cardinals

19-Dodger / LA Dodgers

20-Oakland / Oakland A`s

Next parks are Miller / Brewers,  PNC / Pirates.

Here are a few images from 16 of the 20 parks I have visited so far:



-Baltimore Orioles









-Old Yankee Stadium


-Opening Day, New Yankee Stadium




-#17 Metrodome, Minnesota Twins


-#17 Redo- New Target Field




20 down, 10 more to go! Next stop is Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewers.


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4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. scott beck says:

    Larry, thanks for the incredible photos! Great dream and how rare and truly awesome it is for a man to go and get it!

  2. Brandi says:

    just subscribing 🙂

  3. Devin Drake says:

    Awesome Job! I’m sure this blog will be an awesome hit among the LTD Team!

  4. Chris Getter says:

    I’m excited to have you come visit our city (Milwaukee)! Enjoy the game! Thanks for building my dream!

    -Chris Getter

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